The following information is from Manny Trovao on the GMC Mailing List.


Last Saturday I raised the motorhome and put it on stands. Removed all the wheels and stacked them in the shop. I will buy new tires before putting them back.

I have the SS lines from Classic tube that I had ordered with a group of others in August. I also have a disc brake kit from TSM of Colorado, ordered back in September. This was/is supposed to be my winter project.

On Monday I removed the drums and inner bearings. Also separated the drum from the hub to attach the new rotor to the hub. The bolts provided by TSM for securing the hub to the rotor were 1/2" x 13 x 2" but I was only getting about 5/8" of thread mating on the hub.

The rotor is 3/8" thick, the ring spacer was also 3/8" thick, the hub has a shoulder about 5/8" deep before the threads. This meant that the bolt would go in 1 3/8" before starting the thread. On the other end, there was another 3/8" of thread showing. Another words, I could use 2 3/8" long bolts but since there is no such thing, I opted for the 2 1/4" long grade 8 bolt. I gave this information back to TSM.

TSM uses a 75-79 Lincoln 11" rotor. The calipers are small G. M. cars.

Mine are from a 77 Cad El Dorado. But there are many others if you don't want the parking brake.

The bore needs to be enlarged to 3.900" and of the five holes to bolt the rotor to the hub,only one is used, so seven more holes need to be drilled. Too much machine work for me.

The backing plates are custom built.


Tuesday (yesterday) I packed the inner and outer bearings with synthetic grease. Waiting on inner seals now, ordered from Gateway. Removed the old backing plates and mounted the new backing plates, took time because I had to buy new bolts because I have accuride.









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