Installing a Ramco mirror upgrade on a 76 Palm Beach.

In preparation for a cross country trip in the summer of 1998, I decided that the stock GMC were inadequate for our use. My goal was to permit more than one driver to comfortably set sideview mirrors for the right viewing angle.

My wife is a bit taller than me, so for her to feel in control the mirrors needed to be adjustable. Unfortunately the stock mirrors were not easily adjusted - requiring one of us to be outside the coach in order to make the adjustments.

I searched for new mirrors that could be retrofit easily to the GMC. A number of mirrors were candidates, but the Ramco remote mirror with heated mirror seemed like the best alternative. The Ramco mirrors are available from a number of sources, including GMC after market suppliers.

The Ramco kit comes with a cockpit switch assembly, multi-connector wire, instructions and two mirror units. The base of the arm assembly has been machined to match the contour of the GMC side.

Installation should have taken a few hours, with most of the time spent wiring the remote mirrors into the coach. What happened was something else.

The old mirrors came off easily. All that was left to do was drill a hole in each side for the wires, fish the wire harness through the body and wire the units in place.

We decided to mount the control in the ashtray hole on the drives' side. It fits pretty well but requires a bezel to make the mounting solid. Fishing the wire bundle under the dash was a challenge at times. But we persevered and got it all in place - including the extra wire needed to connect the amber flashers to the directional lights.

Splicing the wire harness to the mirror was straight forward, although I wish that I had installed connectors to permit removal without cutting wires.

The first hole that I drilled was too small for the wire bundle with all of the crimp connectors to be fed back inside the body. Off came the wiring and mirror so that I could enlarge the hole. I settled on a half inch hole as the final size.

The curb side mirror went on - PIECE OF CAKE!

On to the drivers' side. Wired the harness and tried to screw the mirror onto the coach. NO LUCK. One of the countersunk holes did not match the coach inserts. Well, it was close. So we did a little surgery with a die grinder and modified the countersunk holes so the mirror would fit.

Mirrors on and working great. The rear view is much improved over the stock mirrors - and both my wife and I can drive without the hassle of adjusting mirrors from outside. You can see the mirror from the front in the picture below.





While the mirrors work great and look good from a distance, there is one flaw that we will fix this spring. As you can see below, the base does not conform to the body. The result is a small gap between the mirror and coach body. We are concerned about water entry into the coach, so we'll add gaskets between the body and mirror just to make sure.