Russ Harmís Fuel Injection Information.


#1) Injectors, left to right--OEM Cadillac, Ford Motorsports 30lb/hr, as

before modified to fit Cad fuel rail and manifold. The original injectors are low impedance and not compatible with the newer 7730 ecm.


#2) Cadillac used two manifolds on the 350ci: '75 to '77? a cast iron

manifold with a 2" throttle bore. The later manifolds were aluminium but

with a smaller throttle body. Here I am opening up the bores for the larger

throttle body.


#3) In -tank fuel pump with a fuel return added , There is very little depth

to work with in these tanks, a external pump with surge tank may be a better



#4) Engine hatch with stainless candy dish riveted on for more clearance.


#5) Top view, distributor is  from a early 80's Olds 307 with a so called "7

wire " ignition module, ecm controls timing.


#6) and #7) engine detail showing throttle position sensor and idle air

control mounted were the old "fast idle valve"used to live


#8) Rubber snorkel is from a late 70's Audi