The Sandy Davis GMC Archive

GMCer Sandy Davis has been collecting postings to the GMC mail list and editing them into documents that contain related information. The editing was done in good faith to remove duplicate information. Any errors or omissions are unintentional. Airbags, Air Conditioning, Batteries, Brakes, Exhaust, Heating, Hot Interior, Shocks, Windows, Windshields, Disclaimer. Return to GMC info.



You can look at her 20 page airbag collection online, download a Word file, or download a PDF file. A compendium of Four bag rear suspension comments are available online, in Word format, or as a PDF file for download. For information about airbag lifters check out the online collection, download a Word file, or download the PDF file.

Air Conditioning

 The GMC can be difficult to keep cool. Here's some 29 pages of collected thoughts: Word, online, PDF


If you're interested in batteries, Sandy's collection from GMCnet includes 76 pages. It's available online, as a Word document, or as a PDF file.

Recharging your batteries can be done from several sources. Learn about the generator online, in Word format, or as a PDF file.



Want to stop your GMC? Here's several summaries of various brake topics:

80 mm Caliper update: Word, online, PDF

Brake Fluid: Word, online, PDF

Brake Lines: Word, online, PDF

Brakes - general: Word, online, PDF

Disk Brakes: Word, online, PDF


All you want to know about exhaust systems.

Exhaust: Word, online, PDF each is nearly 25 pages long.

Headers: Word, online, PDF 39 pages covers a wide variety of topics and recommendations.


A little chilly? Browse through 39 pages of information on Heaters: Word, online, PDF

Heating Fan: Word, online, PDF 10 pages of advice on getting the most out of your dash heater fan.

Hot Interior

Coach too hot in the sun? Check this out: Word, online, PDF.About 11 pages of information on a variety of ways to keep your cool, including insulation.


Don't use just any old shock on your GMC. The GMC rear bogies require double acting shocks. Here's a summary of different people's experiences in Word, online, and PDF.


Here's how to handle your windows, window sealing, track lubricants, weather proofing: Word, online, PDF.


Leaks, replacements and more. Here's a collection of messages about the GMC windshield: Word, online, PDF.


These compilations in no way imply agreement with or recommendation of any particular advice, part, or procedure. You alone are responsible for determining the fitness, safety, advisability, and suitability of any information contained in these summaries.