Slide #207D

St. Sever world map after Beatus, 1030 A.D.
(oriented with East at the top) 37 x 57 cm

Interpretive redrawing of the St. Sever Beatus world map
(from Raisz)

207D1 St. Sever world map after Beatus, detail: the Antipodes

Slide #207D Monograph

207 Beatus world map, 894-926 A.D., Ashburnham copy

207B Beatus world map, London copy, 1109 A.D. (Santarem)

207F Turin world map after Beatus, 1150 A.D.

207H. Beatus world map, Osma copy, 1203 A.D. (Miller)

207I Beatus world map, Paris III copy, 1250 A. D.

207J Beatus world map, Altamira copy, 12th century.