Index of 35 mm Slides/Photo CDs
Illustrating Maps of the
Late Medieval Period
1300 - 1500 A.D.


227 Chu Ssu-Pen's General Map of China , from the Kuang Yü T'u
[Enlarged Terrestrial Atlas - or - The Mogolian Atlas] , 1320 (1555 ed. by Lo Hung-hsien).

227A. The Countries in the Southwestern Sea, from the Kuang Yü T'u
[Enlarges Terrestrial Atlas - or Mongolian Atlas], 1320

227B Hsi-Pei Pi Ti-Li T'u , a grid map, 1329

228 Pietro Vesconte's World Map, ca. 1320*
228A Pietro Vesconte's Palestine*
228B Pietro Vesconte's portolano (Nordenskiöld)
228C-F Pietro Vesconte's World Maps, 1321, from Marino Sanudo's Liber secretorum fidelium crusis

229 al-Tusi World Map, 1331 (Needham)

230 Opicinus de Canistris' world map, 1296 - 1300
230A Opicinus de Canistris world map, 1341
230B. Opicinus de Canistris, detail, left-hand side (Bagrow)

231 Unknown manuscript world map (Bodleian Library)

232. Ranulf Higden's world map, from the Polychronicon (oval), 1350*
232A Polychronicon , world map in vesica piscis form, 14th century*
232B Ranulf Higden's World Map (circular), 1466*
232C-E Ranulf Higden's World Map in Polychronicon (oval),1350*

233 Portolano Laurenziano-Gaddiano [Laurentian Sea Atlas or Medici Atlas] , 1351

234 World Map from the Chronicles of St. Denis , 1364-1372 (Santarem )

235 Abraham Cresques, Catalan Atlas , 1375 *
235A-C Catalan Atlas , detail, Europe (3)*
235B Catalan Atlas , detail, Europe*
235D Catalan Atlas , detail, caravan of Polo brothers*
235E Catalan Atlas , detail: Asia *
235F Catalan Atlas , detail: Asia *
235G Catalan Atlas , detail: Tabrobana*
235H Catalan Atlas, detail: Asia
235I Catalan Atlas , detail, the calendar*
235J Catalan Atlas , detail, Polo brothers' caravan*

236 Ch'üan Chin & Li Hui, Yoktae chewang honil kangnido, 1402*
236A Yoktae chewang honil kangnido, detail: Europe and Africa*
236B-D Ch'üan Chin & Li Hui's Kangnido, detail, Asia (3)*
236E Ch'üan Chin & Li Hui's Kangnido, detail, Korea*
236F Ch'üan Chin & Li Hui's Kangnido, detail, Japan*

237 The Borgia Map, early 15th century (1410-1485)
237A. The Borgia Map, detail: Asia
237B The Borgia Map, detail, Africa
237C The Borgia Map, detail, Northern Europe

238 Pierre d'Ailly's World Map in his Ymago Mundi , 1410
238A Pierre d'Ailly's World Map, printed edition, 1483
238B Pierre d'Ailly's World Map, translation of 1483 edition

239 Pirrus de Noha, Ptolemaic World Map, 1414*

240 Albertinus de Virga 's world map, ca. 1411-15
240A Albertinus de Virga 's world map, detail

241 Andrea Bianco's World Map, 1432
241A Andrea Bianco's World Map, 1436 (Santarem )
241B Andrea Bianco's World Map, 1436, outline

242 Giovanni Leardo, Mapa Mondi Figura Mondi,1442*
242A. Giovanni Leardo's World Map, 1442*
242B. Giovanni Leardo's World Map, 1448*
242C-D Giovanni Leardo's World Map, 1452-3 (2)

243 The Vinland Map, circa 1440
243A The Vinland Map, redrawing (Skelton/Painter/Marston )
243B The Vinland Map, redrawing outline
243C The Vinland Map, redrawing reverse outline

244 Norse World Map, 12th-14th century (reproduction Björno )

245 Andreas Walsperger 's world map, 1448*

246 Catalan-Estense Map, 1450-60*
246A Catalan-Estense Map, detail, Europe, Africa
246B Catalan-Estense Map, detail: Middle East, India, Asia
246C Catalan-Estense Map, outline

247 Vesconte, Bianco, Catalan-Este, Leardo, and Vinland World Maps Compared

248 Genoese Map, 1457*
248A The Genoese Map, outline

249 Fra Mauro's Map, 1459*
249A Fra Mauro's World Map, redrawing (Landström)
249B Fra Mauro's World Map, detail, China
249C Fra Mauro's World Map, outline

250 Unknown manuscript world map (Bodleian Library )*

251 The Zeitz map, a circular world map in a Ptolemaic MS, 1470
251 The Zeitz map, Europe, 1470

252 Paolo Toscanelli's Map, 1474 (reconstruction, Hapgood)
252A Paolo Toscanelli's Map, 1474 (reconstruction, Wagner)

253 Woodcut world map in Rudimentum Novitiorum , 1475*
253A Rudimentum Novitiorum , detail, Asia*
253B Rudimentum Novitiorum , detail, Europe*
253C-D Map of Palestine in Rudimentum Novitiorum , 1475*

254 World map from a MS by Buondelmonde, 1481 (Nordenskiöld)

255. Anonymous medieval mappamundi, 1485-1500

256 Henricus Martellus' World Map, 1489*
256A Henricus Martellus' World Map, 1489, outline
256B Henricus Martellus' World Map, 1490
256C Henricus Martellus' World Map, 1490, outline
256D Francesco Rosselli's World Map, 1492-3

257 Anonymous Genoese chart (C. Columbus ?), ca. 1490*
257A Detailed view of the world map
257B Detailed view of North Africa*
257C Outline drawing of world map

258 Martin Behaim's Globe, 1492*
258A Martin Behaim's Globe (reconstruction, Dopplemayr via Nordenskiöld)
258B-C Martin Behaim's Globe (reconstruction, Ravenstein)
258D Martin Behaim's Globe, detail, Mediterranean Sea*
258E-J Martin Behaim's Globe, detail*

259 The Laon Globe, ca. 1493 (Ravenstein)
259A The Laon Globe, ca. 1493 (d'Avezac/Nordenskiöld)

260 Hartmann Schedel, Liber Chronicarum, 1493*
260A-B Hartmann Schedel, Liber Chronicarum, 1493*

261 Sacrobosco's zonal map of the world in Opusculum (woodcut), 1500

262 Tchien-ha-tchong-do, Korean mappamundi, Atlas I
262A Tchien-ha-tchong-do, Korean mappamundi
262AA Ch'onhado outline
262B Tchien-ha-tchong-do, Korean mappamundi, Atlas XI
262C Ye-chi-do [Geographical Atlas]
262D Ye-chi-do [Geographical Atlas]
262E Ch'onhado [Map of the World]
262G Ssu Hai Tsung T''u [Comprehensive Chart of the Four Seas]
262H Ssu Hai Tsung T''u
262I Tchien-ha-tchong-do
262J Tchien-ha-tchong-do
262K Mappamundi fromThou-chou-pien [Illustrated Encyclopedia], Tchang Hoang [Chang-huang], 1562-77

263 Jukai, Go Tenjiku Zu [Map of the Five Regions of India], 1364*
263.1A Jukai, Go Tenjiku Zu schematic of #263
263.1B Jukai, Go Tenjiku Zu, Mt Meru
263.1C Jukai, Go Tenjiku Zu
263.2 Tenjiku Zu [Map of India], 1364
263.2A Go Tenjiku Zu [Map of the Five Regions of India], 1364
263.3 (A-G) Rokashi Hotan, Nansenbushu Bankoku Shoka no Zu , 1710*
263.4 unknown, Nansenbushu , early 19th century*
263.5 (A,B) Umemura, Daimin Kyuhen Bankoku Jinseki Rotei Zenzu, 1663/1710
263.6 Map of Jambudvipa, 1709
263.7 Yoji Chondo, 1775
263.8 Tang yixing shan he liangjie t'u
263.9 Guijin hua yi quyu zongyao t'u
263.10 Dili T'u [Geographic Map] by Wang Zhiyuan, 1247
263.11 Burmese Map of Jambudipa, the Southern Continent, 19th century
263.12 Shibukawa Harumi's Terrestrial Globe, 1690
263.13 Shanhai Yudi Quantu by Wang Qi, 1609
263.14 Chinese Map of Eastern Hemisphere, 1790

264 Heinrich Bünting, Clover Leaf World Map
264A Heinrich Bünting, Clover Leaf World Map, close-up
264B Heinrich Bünting, Pegasus World Map

265 Hundu/Buddist World

266 La Salade Nouvell, 1522

267 Marathi World Map
267A Marathi World Map, detail
267B Marathi World Map, detail

* color copy

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Late Medieval Maps