TITLE: Coppo world map

DATE: 1528

AUTHOR: Pietro Coppo

DESCRIPTION: This is a small sketchy map of the world, one among seven woodcut maps, in a rare work by Pietro Coppo, Portolano (colophon:) Stampata in Venetia per Augustino di Bindoni 1528. Its principal interest consists in its affording a proof of the erroneous notions of the New World still entertained, even in Venice, at the time when the map was printed. If any projection could be spoken of, with reference to a map so awkwardly drawn as this, one could make a case as does Nordenskiöld that this may be the first map drawn on the oval equidistant projection of Bordone (Slide #331). THe first edition of Bordone's work is dated a few months later than Coppo's Portolano.

Among the land areas shown and labelled include Cimpangi [Japan], Cuba, Spagnola, Modo Nova [South America], Isola

LOCATION: The British Library, London

Size: 8 X 13.5 cm


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