All of the cartographic images listed in these indices have individual or group monographs that accompany them. These illustrated monographs vary in length between one page and twenty-five pages each. Basically they are my futile attempt to capture, in one place, all of the significant information that I could find pertaining to each illustration. This information usually includes: a description of what geographical featrures and/or concepts are being displayed; pertinent historical background information; the known location of the image; references used/consulted; the actual size of the image; and anything else that I thought was interesting relative to the map in question. The choice of which cartographic images are included is purely personal. The sequence is basically chronological according to the date of either the illustration, a "scholarly estimate" or, if is a reproduction, facsimile, reconstruction or interpretive re-drawing it is placed within the same time frame of the original; although you will notice this is often deviated from in order to group certain maps into my own sense of logic.

Therefore, these monographs primarily consist of information extracted and synthesized from the documents listed below each monograph as "References" and are in no way meant to represent any significant new research or scholarship on my own part. On occasion I have inserted my own observations and/or conclusions. All of the illustrated monographs for each major period (i.e., Ancient, Early Medieval and Late Medieval) have been combined into a bound volume (currently a total of three volumes). Each of these paper hard copies, which contain more illustrations than are available here online, are available upon request.

Sorry there are not any "extra" bound versions available due to reproduction costs (about $100 - $250 from the friendly folks at Kinkos, plus leather binding costs).

more about how and why I have produced this information can be found at:
The Map Collector magazine (Number 74, Spring 1996)

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